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Got a Bad Taste In Your Mouth? Causes and Treatment

Posted on 1/25/2021 by PCCD Office
Got a Bad Taste In Your Mouth? Causes and TreatmentIf you have a strange taste in your mouth that is persistent or keeps returning, it may be a symptom of a serious medical condition. Some patients who suffered from the condition say their mouth taste like metal pennies or is often bitter. Some also say they notice a slight burning sensation.

The unpleasant taste may last for a few days, a week, or may not go away at all. In many cases, this taste may come and go regularly.

At Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry, and can diagnose what is the cause of the nasty taste in your mouth and treat it accordingly.

Causes of Bad Taste in the Mouth

Your mouth may have a strange taste due to various reasons including disease, infections, medication, or the use of supplements. Some common causes are:

•  Gum disease: Gum disease occurs when you have a buildup of plaque and tartar in your mouth. Bacteria in your mouth break down the gum tissue, resulting in bleeding gums, a metallic taste in the mouth, and bad breath.
•  Medication: Certain medicines like tetracycline, anti-psychotics like lithium, and gout medicine can cause a bad taste in the mouth. Iron, calcium, and multivitamin tablets also can also cause a strange taste in your mouth.
•  Burning sensation: Many women who are around menopausal age may suffer from this condition. This pain may persist all day or may occur intermittently.
•  Infection: Sinus and respiratory infections can often alter the taste of food, although this is often temporary.
•  Disease: Certain conditions like cancers, diabetes, kidney problems and liver problems, and dementia can all change the taste of food.

Treatment for Bad Taste in the Mouth

If you suffer from any of the above, you should visit us so that we can diagnose your mouth and get to the root of the problem. Depending on the cause of the bad taste in your mouth, we may treat you with the appropriate treatment.

If you want to prevent unusual tastes in your mouth, we highly recommend you exercise good oral care at home and come to us for your routine dental checkup. This way, we can find out if there are any problems in your mouth in their initial stage and treat them accordingly.

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