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What is a Vertical Root Fracture?

Posted on 4/26/2021 by PCCD Office
What is a Vertical Root Fracture?A root canal can free your tooth of pain; however, if you feel pain in a tooth after a root canal treatment, you may have a vertical root fracture.

Vertical root fractures start at the crown of the tooth and run all the way down to the tooth root that lies underneath the gum. Vertical root fractures are the third-most common reason for tooth removal that has been previously treated with a root canal.

Why Do Vertical Root Fractures Occur?

Vertical root fractures more commonly occur in teeth that have undergone a root canal treatment. There are some factors that increase the risk of fracture in these teeth including:

•  Some of your teeth, like premolars, have narrow roots. These tooth may be more susceptible to fractures.
•  Your teeth may become dehydrated and brittle after your nerves are removed. This makes them prone to breakage.
•  Root canal can weaken the internal structure of your teeth.
•  When filling a root canal-treated tooth, if the filling is forced in or wedged, it can lead to internal cracks.
•  Teeth that are heavily damaged require a dental post inside the root to hold the crown. This can cause the root to crack.

How to Prevent Vertical Root Fractures?

Vertical root fractures can be quite difficult to diagnose. Most people only feel a mild pain or pain after eating. An abscess may also form near the fracture which is a sign of infection.

The best way to avoid these fractures is to not damage your teeth so much that they require a root canal treatment. That is why it is important that you keep your routine dental appointment always.

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