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Dental Technology

Patient in dentist chair reviewing x-rays with doctor at Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry, Los Altos, CADentistry is constantly evolving. Research is continually being done to help improve how treatments are provided to restore and maintain the health of dental patients. In order provide you with the care you deserve in the safest, most efficient, least invasive manner possible, Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry utilizes the latest technologies available in the field of dentistry.

Soft Tissue Laser

A soft tissue laser is being used to replace scalpels in many dental procedures. Using this tool, we can remove extra tissue to make the teeth appear longer, remove infected gum tissue, remove tumors or growths, or perform periodontal treatment. Lasers are significantly less invasive, meaning that patients experience far less pain and swelling. The laser can reduce bleeding and help to stimulate new tissue growth. Moreover, healing times following many treatments are reduced.


CAD-CAM is a type of technology that enables us to design and create restorations for you right in the office. CAD stands for computer-aided design. This technology allows us to design restorations on a computer. CAM is computer-aided manufacturing. This technology allows us to take your designed restoration and create it. This allows us to make same-day restorations, avoiding the need for long waiting periods and additional appointments.

Digital Panoramic X-Ray and CBCT X-Rays

Panoramic x-rays are x-ray images that give a broader view of your mouth, showing your teeth, bone, sinus cavities, nasal region, and joints. These images help us to detect issues such as abnormalities in your jawbone, tumors, cysts, impacted teeth, and fractures. They can also be helpful in planning dental implants. Digital panoramic x-rays are taken using a digital sensor, rather than a film strip. This means there is no need for the development of images. The x-rays can also be enhanced or adjusted for a better view.

Intraoral Camera

Even with an up-close look inside of your mouth, there are still some regions that are a bit more difficult to see than others. The intraoral camera allows us to see these spots in your mouth. However, instead of leaning down over your face, we can see your mouth on a monitor. This helps to increase comfort, both for patients as well as for us.

Laser Treatment

Lasers are incredibly powerful, but also very safe tools that are enabling us to perform all kinds of treatments that once needed to be done with a drill or scalpel. There is minimal to no discomfort. Because of this, need for anesthesia is reduced, or even eliminated in some cases. Without the need for anesthesia or a reduced need for it, procedures are faster. If necessary, several procedures can be completed in one appointment. Lasers can also kill bacteria, reducing the risk of infections and other issues.


Periotest is a handheld device that is used to measure osseointegration when it comes to dental implants, enabling us to determine implant stability. It can be used during all stages of implant treatment so that we can monitor bone fusion. This enables us to determine if the restorations can be loaded. The technology can also help us to detect early implant failure.

Platelet Rich Fibrin

Platelet rich fibrin, also called PRF for short, has been used in the medical field for a while now. It is a unique treatment that helps to speed up healing while also reducing your risks for infections and other complications. What makes this treatment so unique is that we use a small sample of your blood. The components of your blood are separated in a centrifuge. We take the portion where the platelets collect. Platelets have healing growth factors in them that work together with the platelets sent to the surgical sites after incisions are made. In addition to adding extra growth factors, PRF also acts kind of like a bandage to seal the surgical wounds, protecting them against bacteria.

For more information on the incredible technology that we use here in our office, contact Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry at (650) 948-5524 today.

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