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Teeth in a Day
Los Altos, CA

Smiling couple outside on park bench patients at Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry, Los Altos, CAWhile dental implants have quickly become one of the top options for replacing missing teeth, having to wait up to 6 months for fully functional replacement teeth can be a major drawback. You have already been without teeth long enough. Having to wait any amount of time after your implant procedure is too long to be without teeth. At Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry, we can provide you with fully functional replacement teeth immediately following your implant surgery with Teeth in a Day.

How Does Teeth in a Day Work?

Any length of time without the use of fully functional teeth is too long. Whether you are currently living without teeth, you have severely worn down, or unhealthy teeth or you have been dealing with dentures, you know how hard it is to eat and speak. Teeth in a Day is a solution that involves placing an arch of fully functional replacement teeth onto dental implants immediately following your surgical procedure. This solution often uses only 4 implant posts, but 6 posts may be recommended to help give you the best possible support. 

What are the Steps of Teeth in a Day Treatment?

Teeth in a Day starts with diagnostic imaging. This may include such things as digital x-rays and 3D CT scans. The images allow us to take a close look at your jawbone so we can make sure that the treatment is right for you. We can see where it is the strongest. This then enables us to determine the best possible locations for your implant posts, as well as how many posts we might need to use.

After taking your images, and deeming you an appropriate candidate, the next step is to plan your treatment. This includes the creation of what is known as a surgical guide. The guide acts as a template for placing your implants. It will show us exactly where in your jaw the posts will be placed, what angle they need to be inserted at, and how deep they will need to go. With a surgical guide, we reduce the risk for errors, which also reduces any unnecessary incisions and sutures, as well as reduces post-surgical discomfort and downtime.

On the day of your surgery, we use the guide to place your dental implants. Right after we suture your gums closed, a set of fully functional teeth are secured to the posts with screws. You can eat and speak normally from day one. You will still need to follow up appointments to make sure you are healing properly. We use a tool called Periotest to monitor osseointegration and determine the stability of your implants. Successful treatment will provide you with long-lasting results. In many cases, dental implants can even last for the rest of your life.

Are the Teeth Placed Permanent?

While the treatment is called Teeth in a Day, and you do receive teeth that look, feel, and function just like your real teeth, these teeth are not your permanent ones. These teeth only remain in place until you have fully healed from implant surgery. Once healed, we will take impressions and create a new set of teeth that will replace the ones you were given after your surgery.

If you are interested in getting your teeth replaced with dental implants, along with fully functional teeth right away, contact Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry at (650) 948-5524 today to schedule your consultation and find out if Teeth in a Day is the right solution for you.

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Teeth in a Day | Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry - Los Altos, CA
Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry, can provide you with replacement teeth immediately following your implant surgery with Teeth in a Day. Learn more.
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