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Woman using Invisalign clear aligners at Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry in Los Altos, CAThe introduction of Invisalign in the early 2000s has completely changed orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic patients all across the country are choosing this option, not just for its looks, but for its ease, its comfort, and its effectiveness. If you are looking for a way to straighten your teeth, that does not involve the use of fixed metal brackets and wires, Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry can help to determine if Invisalign is right for you.

What’s the Big Deal with Invisalign

Braces are an incredibly effective treatment for orthodontic issues. However, not everyone is on board with the idea of having metal bonded to their teeth for what could be several years. The brackets and wires overtake your smile, making them all anyone can see, which can make many patients, particularly older teens and adults, feel rather self-conscious.

Invisalign provides you with a different way to straighten your teeth. The treatment involves the use of smooth, clear aligners that sit on your teeth similarly to whitening trays. When placed on your teeth, they cannot be seen. Most people you meet will not be able to tell that they are there. This is just one of the main reasons why so many patients who want to straighten their teeth and improve their smile are opting for Invisalign over traditional orthodontic treatment.

What Can Invisalign Treat?

Invisalign has come a long way in just a short period. Originally, they could only treat minor alignment problems. Today, however, they can treat a broader array of issues. Using Invisalign, we can treat gapped teeth, overcrowding, overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites.

So, What Can’t Invisalign Treat?

While Invisalign can treat many types of orthodontic issues, there are some limitations to this treatment. Invisalign may not be a good solution if you have large gaps or have a larger midline discrepancy. If you have unusually sized teeth, large rotations, severely tilted teeth, need to have teeth raised or lowered, have had previous dental work such as bridges or crowns, or you need to have extractions before your orthodontic treatment, you may not be considered a candidate for Invisalign. There is a free smile assessment test on Invisalign ®’s website that can let you see if you might be a good candidate. The best way to know for sure, however, is to schedule a consultation.

What Other Benefits Does Invisalign Offer?

The invisibility of Invisalign aligners is just one of the benefits this treatment offers. There are other benefits as well that have nothing to do with aesthetics. Invisalign aligners are removable, where braces are fixed. The only time they should be taken out, however, is to brush your teeth and to eat. Speaking of brushing, your oral care is much easier with Invisalign. There’s no worrying about brushing or flossing around the brackets on your teeth or cleaning underwires. Invisalign aligners are smooth, and therefore much more comfortable than traditional braces. Moreover, treatment times are typically shorter.

If you are interested in using Invisalign to correct straighten your teeth and improve your smile, call Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry at (650) 948-5524 today to schedule your appointment.

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